They’re a few firsts that happen in a persons  that will truly do down as events to remember. One’s first kiss, the day they can legally drive, getting that ever so coveted “green” card, and working your way into that special (or not so special) persons pants for the first time are just to name a few. Laidback Luke started out the first day of Holy Ship by proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Gina Turner and we here at The Dankles would like to wish him congratulations in our very own way. Coincidently, Laidback Luke also released this brand new remix yesturday and if it was anyway involved in the proposal, then we couldn’t think of a better way to pop the big question too. Enjoy mes Amis and yet again…….CONGRATS LAIDBACK LUKE & GINA!
Download : Dancin (Laidback Luke Remix) – Aaron Smith feat. Luvli (Preview)

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