Mondays in my opinion are the most pointless day of the entire week in so many ways; they always start with dragging myself out of bed, paying thanks for making it through the weekend in somewhat one piece, then joining the rest of the 9-5 world carrying out mundane tasks that would be perfectly suited for a robot. But every so often, my weekend fun carries over to Monday which is what happened today when I caught wind of Brown and Gammon (the latest addition to Circus Records) releasing a new track that is straight up ear candy! Dubstep mixed with a lovely set of  vocals is one of the best things I can think of and now BAG can say the words many artists dream of saying, “I did a track with Mary J Blige!” Enjoy mes Amis.

Listen : Aint Nobody (Brown & Gammon Remix) – Mary J Blige


Download : Rough (Brown & Gammon Remix) – Habstrakt

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