Relaxation. Webster’s oh so smart team of people defines relaxation as: the state of being free from tension and anxiety. Relaxation differ’s from person to person; some of us find relaxation through sports and outdoor activities, others through television programmes and technology, and some turn to substances and good eats. Then there are those like myself who find peace, calm, and tranquility through the beauty of music. (Yes, even dubstep!) This evening, I took a listen to this blissful Big Gigantic remix to Emancipators Ares that left me in a relaxed state and made for a proper end to this Monday. Let’s not forget that Big G’s anticipated release, Nocturnal, will be available for free download Jan. 11 as well as the duo embarking on a tour soon! Take a listen and I hope relaxation finds all of you thing evening. Enjoy mes Amis


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