I have to admit that I am a sucker for great covers.  Not in the sense that I would go see a cover band, but when I stumble across a good cover it’s priceless.  For those that don’t know New Order too well let me inform you, they are a new wave/indie band that formed out of the collapse of Joy Division.  Over the years I have collected songs from their catalog, and not to my surprise they are nearly all great tunes.  New Order will be joining the cast of nearly every electronic act of the universe at Ultra Music Festival in Miami.  They will probably be among the oldest acts at Ultra along with Fatboy Slim and Kraftwerk.  S.C.U.M. is based in London, and these dudes look like they are straight out of a 70s/80s movie, with weird hair and turtle necks….but damn did they make one good cover.

Download : 568 (New Order cover) – S.C.U.M.

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