Bassnectar just unleashed a huge EP upon the world of bass heads today.  Divergent Spectrum is arguably Bassnectar’s biggest release yet and with that came a slew of remixes.  I feel that many of these artists share a common attitude or goal among their music which may be why this EP is so great.  On the roster we have Beats Antique, Glitch Mob, Ill.Gates, Terravita and Steve Aoki.  A likely set of remixers for Bassnectar, and then there is Steve Aoki.  I was surprised to see Mr. Aoki on this list because he is more electro driven, but as I listened to his remix it made plenty of sense.  My favorite tune off the entire EP is a tune that isn’t a remix, but a track that never got a proper release from Bassnectar, “Color Storm”.  The track is a whopping seven minutes long, but within the seven minute you’re able to hear just about every style and form Bassnectar, which makes this track very unique to me.

Divergent Spectrum Remixes – Get all of them for free HERE.

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