The day had finally arrived, our wait to board the ship was over.  After standing in the customs line for what felt like eternity we made our way onto the boat and the party began.  We got to our cabin, loaded up on the delicious buffet, and bought an excessive number of drink tickets. *We took an absurb number of videos and all of them will be uploaded to our youtube page, so if you’re looking for something specificly, we probably have it.*


Diplo was first up on the main stage, and while we usually praise Diplo for his sets, the first half of his set was not as exciting as we had hoped for.  This is not to say Diplo didn’t come back to his usual madness mid-way through his set, playing out everything you’d like to hear while the Eastern coastline was lost in the distance.  Notable tunes from Diplo were, Soulwax’s remix to MGMT’s “Kids” and obviously Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” which was produced by Diplo.

Download : Original Don ft. The Partysquad – Major Lazer


Originally Boys Noize was scheduled to play the next set but unfortunately he couldn’t make it to the boat because of unforeseen circumstances.  Instead, Skrillex was scheduled to take his place, we weren’t about to complain…Skrillex came out (wearing a white shirt, which is probably a very first for him) and played what you would normally expect from one of his sets.  Notable tunes he played out were Sub Focus’ new track, “Falling Down” and Crizzly’s “Big Booty Bitches”, and to make things even more exciting Rusko basically MC’ed his entire set.  At the end of his set he thanked the crowd for allowing his to take Boys Noize’s set, and yet again Skrillex broke another trigger finger.

Download : Bangarang (Original mix) – Skrillex ft. Sirah



Next up we had Rusko who continued the party as the boat kept moving, the booze kept flowing and he made sure beats kept banging. We had the pleasure of meeting Rusko on the ship, even getting a chance to watch one of our favorite UK dubsteppers give his signature “hairstyle” to a fan. Rusko’s energy and song selection made for one of the more unique sets on the cruise as he played everything from his brand new track “Somebody to Love” to “Woo Boost” to some old heavier tracks like “Hammertime”. Toward the end of his set, Rusko made sure everyone in the crowd knew he could use a visit from the Holy Ship! herbalist if anyone was fortunate enough to get past the dawgs.

Download : Somebody To Love – Rusko



Quite possibly the best sets of the entire cruise came from this Frenchie named, Gesaffelstein.  Yes, while his name might be hard to say (even Diplo fucked it up, “Gesaffl-affel-stein”), his music was incredibly easy to dance too.  Forget dubstep, we quickly decided that Gesaffelstein’s form of french house was easily our new favorite genre.  It was easy to see why this man was choosen for the closing set on the main stage, he had support from A-trak the entire way through.  Brodinski came in and quest deejayed his set for a bit, and Diplo, Dillon Francis, Zedd, and Skrillex were all backstage partying just as hard as we were.  Noteable tracks from Gesaffelstein were his remix of “Big Bad Wolf”, “Viol” and “Glass”.

Download : Zzafrica (Gesaffelstein remix) – ZZT


Still buzzing from Gesaffelstein’s set we made our way to the Zebra Lounge where we encountered the German lady killer known as, Zedd. In the Zebra lounge we found everybody that left the main stage after Rusko’s set, needless to say, it was packed and sweaty in this place.  Through the sea of people we spotted Zedd, Skrillex and Steve Aoki all in font of the decks having a blast in the sweat box.  Zedd played out his new tune “Slam The Door”, Skrillex’s remix of  “Levels” and most notably Knife Party’s “Internet Friends”.

Tracks I’ve never heard of and probably will never hear again we running through my head all night.  At some point in the night, we decided to get some sleep because on day two we landed in the bahamas, and  it was just as packed as day one.  We hit up the buffet one last time, then slept for about four hours, and when we woke again our cabin was violently shaking….

Check out TheDankles youtube page for tons of videos and peep the gallery for pictures taken by us and some taken by the professionals.


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