A1 Bassline might be one of the first producers that led me to dubstep, or at least bass heavy music.  For that, I thank him, his Rob Da Bank BBC  mix tape from three years ago is still one of my favorite mix tapes I have ever listened to.  There was so much originality in every song, and the listener had no idea what to expect at each drop. Christian Shank better known as A1 Bassline comes from the UK and resides on Tighten Up records.  Now I can’t lie, I haven’t keep up to date on all things A1 Bassline, but I just recently came across this new tune from him.  The first sentence of this might have thrown you off but, “Why Do You” is a house record rather than dubstep.  This tune has everything you need for a simple but memorable house tune; a soft sample repeated over and over, a drop that doesn’t feel to much like a drop, and an emphasis on the four-on-the-floor.  Check this out, it’s hard not to enjoy.

Download : Why Do You – A1 Bassline

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