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We woke to find our cabin room violently shaking at around 9:00AM.  For a while, I could decided if this was just a dream or that the entire room was actually shaking.  Eventually, after sleeping for another couple hours, I stumbled to the door to see what was happening outside.  A fellow shipmate told us that the MSC Poesia, our cruise-ship, has run aground on a sandbar.  Yes, our cruise ship was stuck on a sand bar.


We soon found out the ship was fine, though lodged and the passengers were fine.  We were getting free drink tickets as a result and none of us thought to complain after that. On Day 2, we took a tender boat over to Port Lucaya, in the Bahamas.  This day was full of tropical drinks, swimming in the ocean and passengers desperately trying to complete the Mad Decent scavenger hunt.  People that didn’t head to land had the choice of doing yoga with Gina Turner, mini-golf with Dillon Francis, DJ lessons from A-trak and Steve Aoki’s Poker Tournment.   We weren’t able to attend any of these activities because of time constraints, but I did find a great video of A-Trak’s DJ lessons below.

After a while on the beach we returned, sun-burnt and buzzed, to our cruise-ship to prepare for another night of debauchery.


We arrived on the pool-deck to catch the very end of Destructo’s set and needless to say, the man behind Hard events also knows how to work some turntables.  Shortly after, A-trak took the stage and started his set with a tribute to DJ Mehdi.  Neither of us had ever seen A-trak before, so we weren’t sure what to expect.  After a few tracks, we were blown away.  A-trak knows how to throw a party; he seamlessly played out everybody’s favorite house records, while displaying his scratching skills on the decks at the same time.  It was a sure sign that the second night was going to be as fun as the first.

Fatboy Slim

Six months ago when the original line-up was announced, I saw Fatboy Slim’s name on the bill, and I pushed it aside and thought nothing of it.  This is one of the few things I regret doing, from the very start, the man with just a little bit of grey hair left on his head, put smiles on everyone’s face.  There is a reason why Fatboy Slim is still headlining shows after all these years, he has the energy and enthusiasm of a 14-year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.  Notable tracks from Fatboy Slim was a remix of Eminem’s “Purple Pills”, and the track of the night “I’m on a CRUISE-SHIP Bitch!”.

Steve Aoki

The man behind DimMak records, was one of the best sets on the ship.  We were only days away from his album release and he played nearly every song from the album.  Steve got up on stage and did his usual antics, which included about 4 bottles of champagne, shots of grey goose for the front row and cake to one lucky fan’s face.  I haven’t seen Steve Aoki in a couple years, but this man really has so much positive energy when on stage it is impossible to have a bad time.  We weren’t the only ones dancing like lunatics; on stage Diplo, Dillon Francis, Skrillex, A-trak, Gesaffelstein and just about every other big name on the ship were having a great time.  Little did we know that the party was only getting started when Skrillex came on.  Notable tracks from Steve Aoki were “Warp 1.9″,”No Beef” and his new track, “Ladi Dadi”.


Next up on the main stage was Skrillex’s second set of the cruise.  Laidback Luke appeared from side-stage at the beginning of his and purposed to his long-time girlfriend Gina Tuner in-front of the crazed crowd.  From what I heard it was a non-stop roam of acceptance from everyone in the crowd.  After we got back from feasting at the buffet, we were witness to the best Skrillex set I’ve ever seen.  Many people hate on Skrillex for this and that, but his stage-performance has gotten way better, and his production is immaculate to say the least.  It was between Skrillex, Steve Aoki and Fatboy Slim for the best set of the night.

Tommy Lee & DJ Aero

Things were finally starting to wind-down on the main stage.  Many cruisers left to check out Paris Social Club, Doorly in the Zebra Lounge and the mix of performers in the Disco.  We decided to stay and check out Tommy Lee & DJ Aero for a while.  These guys pack a punch!  They started their set with a guest appearance from Sofi.   She started of the set with “Sofi Needs A Ladder” and got the crowd just as hyped as Steve Aoki and Skrillex did.  Sofi went on to play a couple more of her new tracks including, “Bring Out The Devil”.  Tommy Lee and DJ Aero continued the madness late into the night, and by this time we had danced the life out of ourselves and we decided to go check out those crazy Frenchies in the theater below deck.

Paris Social Club

Still buzzing from the pool-deck sets we made our way to the Paris Social Club party, located in the theater below deck.  This was a nice theater, a place that should have never seen the likes of crazy ravers at odd hours of the night.  From 2:00AM-6:00AM we were able to listen to some of the best french-house music.  Sets from Club Cheval, Gesaffelstein and Brodinski were all in the progress.  Our favorite was Club Cheval (Canblaster, Pantero666, Myd and Sam Tiba), these four french bastards controlled the decks two-at-a-time, while the other two danced off to the side.

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