Last time we posted a D!RTY AUD!O tune we got a huge positive response, so here is another one from the moobahcore man.  This one isn’t brand new by any means, it actually came out around September, but I just heard it for the first time at the Moombahton Massacre, in Chicago, being played out by non-other than Nadastrom.  I love the original so much that I knew I needed this tune to accompany it.  D!RTY AUD!O comes to you from Los Angeles and started his own label called, Grindin’ Records.  Within this tune you’ll find everything you love about the original plus a little more.  I feel as if this is more of a bootleg rather than a remix, but who cares it’s genius.  Check it for yourself and comment below and tell us whether you prefer this or the original.

Download : Tetris (D!RTY AUD!O remix) – Doctor P

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