Without a doubt, Sleigh Bells is one of my favorite bands.  They just pack so much punch into each and every song.  We posted their other single “Born To Loose” a little while back and now we have the newest single to preview from their album Reign of Terror, which will be in stores and online  February 21st.  Sleigh Bells once again doesn’t disappoint on this single.  Derek Miller (guitars, producer) comes back with the classic heavily distorted guitars on top of the double-time thrash metal drums.  Then, of course, Alexis Krauss turns what would be a heavy metal tune into something of a indie-metal beautiful mess of noises.  If you’re into this I suggest buying their debut album, Treats, ASAP!  Check out the video above to see a little bit into the lives of Sleigh Bells.

Download : Comeback Kid (preview) – Sleigh Bells

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