I first heard this tune during Brodinski’s set on Holy Ship and since then I was on a mad frenzy to locate this tune for all of you.  Listening to this one on a computer does not go it justice compared to live, but if turn those speakers/subwoofer up real loud you’ll hear the magic in this.  Kill Frenzy is a Belgium producer that deals with that 808 shit.  You know, those house and techno bangers.  Right away it starts as a classic house tune and you’ll here the sample that is spliced throughout, “Make that booty clap!”.  Around right around the half way mark, the tune slows down and gets really dirty.  This one came on Dirtybird records as a compilation called, “Hatched”, and features a bunch of house producers like A1 Bassline and Christian Martin.

Listen/Buy: Booty Clap – Kill Frenzy

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