As most of you know, a few of our members made the short walk down the street on NYE to see Rusko put down on the best show’s to go down at Congress Theater ever. Lets not forget that both Switch and Sinden kicked off the joyous evening with damn good sets, but it would be a lie to say that Rusko didn’t steal the show and ring the New Year’s in proper. All I can will say is that Rusko played every song off his new album and it was just bangers, on top of bangers, on top of bangers! We tried our best to be in the video, but ended up being far to busy going HAM and breakin a sweat with the rest of the crowd. Thanks to React Presents for putting on one hell of a show and for everyone that came to The Dankles Headquarters for one of the best pondepreparties we’ve ever had. Check Rusko out on his upcoming College Tour and be sure to mark March 27th down, because that’s when his new album ‘Songs’ will be released as well. Enjoy mes Amis.

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