A good friend of The Dankles hooked it up with this tune and I’m glad he did.  Tjani comes from New York and has been putting out a good number of moombahton edits that work really well.  Plus nobody can really deny the feeling that moombahton puts through your body.  This edit keeps the same original feel of the Skrillex remix but I feel the moombahton edit makes the song even better.  Tjani is a producer that is only starting out, but will grow without a doubt.  Head over to his facebook page and “Like” it, and then check out the rest of his material. If you like the “F*@k To Moombahton” shirt go grab your very own at www.macsmash.com.

Download : Love In Motion (Skrillex remix)(Tjani moombahton edit) – SebastiAn

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