December 23rd, 2011 is a date that might feel like a distant memory to most of you due to the holiday rush, New Year’s partying, or whatever else that’s transpired exactly one month ago; but for me, I look back on that morning as the beginning to the end for my ear buds. Shortly before boarding a plane to embark on a relaxing vacation down south, my email went off with a subject line that completely blew me away, “Brand new Zed’s Dead EP for the Trip.” Now it’s no secret to those who have been following The Dankles that we’ve been down with the bass-heavy shenanigans that Zed’s Dead are known for since way back when, and sitting on this banger four track album has been one of the hardest thing’s I’ve ever had to do. But with the Adrenaline EP being released today, we can finally share the goods with you for your audible pleasure and please click here and buy yourself a copy! Enjoy mes Amis.

Listen : Adrenaline EP – Zeds Dead

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