Summertime, All the time.  You’ve probably heard this expression before if your familiar with Viceroy or his Yelle remix (read more and download) I posted a few days ago.  After all it’s really not a bad motto to go by, especially if you’re producing music that fits right into that category.  We all have heard just about every Biggie tune given a rework by this guy and that guy, but this one is pretty unique and different.  Steel drums greet you right off the bat and a funky bassline is there to accomadate even the most funk-less of people.  When I listen to this, I essentially think of it as beach music.  It would be the perfect soundtrack to the beach party on the next Holy Ship…

Download : Going Back To Cali (Viceroy’s “Jet Life” remix) – Notorious B.I.G.

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