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A few weeks ago while Gueves and I were ponderelaxin around The Dankles Headquarters and playing a series of NHL, we came up the concept of featuring up and coming talent on the site who we feel are destined for big things (our Fresh Pickn’s Friday posts). Within our second post we stated that TBMA had been working on an upcoming EP titled Are You Up For Getting Down, which I happened to listen too just the other day. 1 min and 37 seconds is all it took for my hopes to come true….this EP is a BBBAAANNNNGERRRR! The bass heavy trio deliver four original tracks that will have you bumping and jumping around for 15 mins. We urge you to show them some love and buy the album today! Enjoy mes Amis.


1. Are You Up For Getting Down Feat. Jillian Curran (Original Mix)
3. The Transporter (Original Mix)
4. Redux (Original Mix)

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