Here is a brand new one of Feed Me’s upcoming EP coming at you on Mau5trap on Feb 6th.   Feed Me has made huge waves in the last year, playing some of the biggest festivals, and with support from people like Skrillex, it is hard to go unnoticed.  For those that don’t know Gemini is a UK producer that is bound to blow up sooner than you think.  This tune is awesome for multiple reasons.  First off, it starts off sounding unlike anything that Feed Me and Gemini have ever done.  Then once you hit the drop you’ll hear Feed Me’s patented sound right off the bat, and Gemini comes through right after with his very distinct bass wobbles.  And the second drop just gets even better.  It’s a reggae influenced Skrillex sounding drop.  This is going to be a huge tune on Feed Me’s EP, and I don’t doubt that the rest of it will be huge!  Make sure to pick up an actual copy of this tune and more from Feed Me.

Download : Whiskers (128 kbps) – Feed Me & Gemini

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