I’ve been waiting a while to feature this guys with a tune, but it’s not so often that Megalodon gives away a free tune.  A megalodon in the most literal sense is an extinct shark that crushes any currently living shark in size.  And sometimes I think that people’s stage names draw me to listen to them, and in this case, their name ended up leading me to some awesome music. Sinjin & Phil T aka Megalodon, is a dubstep duo from the streets of San Franciso.  These guys have been on my radar for a long time, and their music is filthy, so I figured why not share their latest freebie.  This Merky Ace remix remids me of old Caspa tunes, or better yet old UK dubstep that is hard to find nowadays.  Check out their material on soundcloud they’ve got some nasty dubplates!

Download : Yo (Megalodon remix) – Merky Ace

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