Remember when Skrillex along with others like RUN DMT, did the theme songs for Mortal Combat’s newest game?  Well, we have a little treat for you here.  EA games announced it’s newest first person shooter game entitled “Syndicate”.  Flux Pavilion, Skrillex and Digitalism all took a chance at remixing the original 8-bit theme song, and these are the results.  Right off the bat I’m must say Digitalism’s remix is huge!  It’s a big electro-driven distorted guitar overload.  Skrillex’s remix is just as you would expect from him, but certainly not a disappointment.  Flux Pavilion’s remix is a dark build up that leads to one massive drop.  Check them all out and tell us which one you like the best.

Download : Syndicate (Digitalism remix) – Syndicate

Download : Syndicate (Skrillex remix) – Syndicate

Download : Syndicate (Flux Pavilion remix) – Syndicate

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