When people think of Minnesota, what’s the first thing to come to mind?  Probably either an icey tundra that is covered in 5ft of snow at all times, or a land of 10,000 wonderful lakes that refresh even on the most humid days.  No, we’re not taking about the state, Minnesota, but rather the producer that hails from Santa Cruz, California. What is there to say about Minnesota that hasn’t been said?  He has really come into his style more recently than ever and I am loving it.  Christian Bauhofer better known as Minnesota, has been making waves on the bass infused music scene for good reasons.  This remix is a prime example.  Part of me really wishes this remix was like 10 minutes long or never ended at all.  Minnesota, captures the dreamy, airy vocals and puts the most appropriate bass behind it for one hell of a tune!  For our Colorado people, be sure to join us for SnowBall music festival so we can all experience Minnesota behind the decks on Sunday 3/4.

Download : Demons (Minnesota remix) – Fenech Soler

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