Teen Daze.  It sounds like a 13 year-old girls magazine about hot boyz and make up and other useless shit.  But it’s NOT.  Teen Daze is a chillwave/synth-pop project that has really taken off in the last couple years.  Teen Daze’s music is filled with lush synths, airy filtered vocals, and a vast variety of bleeps and bloops that seamlessly come together in a big melting pot of awesome.   Fans of Gigamesh, Youth Lagoon, and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs will probably enjoy Teen Daze’s musical output.  “Brooklyn Sunburn” is a more chill track, so if you’re looking to for something to get your rump shaking, download “Let’s Groove”.  It’s a guarantee booty shaker.

Download : Brooklyn Sunburn – Teen Daze


Download : Let’s Groove – Teen Daze

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