If you don’t know about Denver’s most prominent rap group, BLKHRTS, you need to get with it because they’re about to blow up. Fresh off of being featured on Pitchfork’s Most Underrated Mixtapes of 2011 with their self-released BLK S BTFL, the trio released a new mixtape last week sampling what sounds like a “best of Pitchfork” list. Yonnas Abraham (previously known for his work with The Pirate Signal), King F.O.E., and Karma tha Voice spit their signature goth raps over WU LYF, Washed Out, James Blake, and more on what is sure to be one of the best mixtapes of 2012. If you’re lucky enough to live in the 303 area, these three play shows here almost weekly and after having been to multiple I can safely say that these guys are the real deal- the energy at their live shows is unmatched by no one other than maybe the insane Odd Future crew.

Download the entire mixtape here.

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