Check out this new video of up and coming Queens rapper Action Bronson and Riff Raff (yeah Riff Raff…) as they walk the streets with joints that would make Colton blush. Harry Fraud’s production does this unlikely duo a huge favor on this track is all I can say. I can’t speak enough to how talented I think Bronsolino is on the mic. Riff Raff on the other hand, well he’s Riff Raff. He’s no worse or no any better than other rappers of his caliber so thankfully he doesn’t weigh the track down, too much. The absolute standout of the track is far and away the beat. Beats like this make you fall in love with hip hop. I’m not too familiar with “La Musica De Harry Fraud”, but regardless this beat complements Action Bronson really well. True hip hop fans will recognize an absolute legend – I would kill to hear Action Bronson over an ALC beat.


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