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Forcing Function

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, the duo of Kellen Berrigan and Chris Browne, are doing big things since forming late in 2010. Along with playing alongside artists such as Sander van Doorn and Manufactured Superstars, Forcing Function were flown to Beatport Beach last year to bring their electro-house to Mau5trap Day with Feed Me, Skrillex, Tommy Lee, and more during Miami Music Week. Check out their newest remix of The Supreme Action League, out on Beatport on March 14th and help them get to Miami again this year:

Listen: You’re the One (Forcing Function Remix)


DaVinChe is probably one of the hardest working people in the game, and has an impressive background for his young age, including co-founding Paperchase Recordings at the ripe age of sixteen.  His past has been flooded with urban beats and hip-hop sounds, but has been experimenting with newer, darker sounds recently.  This producer out of South London has many accomplishments and produced for numerous UK artists, so lets show him some love from this side of the ocean as he damn well deserves it.

Listen : Breakdown Instrumental – DaVinChe


Not everyone can survive an entire week in the concrete jungle of New York with Skrillex, but this Gotham native has the natural talent to do more than keep up.  I had the pleasure of seeing him personally, and his first ever stage dive one of these magical nights.  With a wide variety of sounds, Tjani can throw down anything from hip-hop to moombahton and provide a high-energy sounds that will get anyone up in no time flat.  He has some really unique talents with sounds, including making techno beats like Animale sound “romantic”, which is something unheard of to these eardrums.  So strap on your dancing boots and enjoy Tjani, and keep an eye on him for the future, he’s going to be doing some big things in 2012.

Listen : The Seconds (Tjani Moombahton Remix) – Porter Robinson & Jano 

Listen : Oh So Sincerious – Tjani


Waiting by the phone?  Tried that number before and its busy forever or you just get a wierd dial tone?  Translate this frustration and desire to connect into synthy dance vibes and Matthw is born.  A new producer from Portsmouth, NH is spitting straight fire on the tables purely driven by that very day’s experiences and emotions, flying off the whim of the moment, which can easily engulf our ears.  So throw on Matthw at your pre-game this weekend, he will be sure to flip the rage switch on.


If you thought Shark Week was just seven glorious days brought to us by the Discovery Channel, then you were wrong.  Sharkweek is a young producer who’s doing big things in the land where everything is bigger, Texas.  As most artists work in mediums such as oils or clay, Sharkweek has a strong Dubstep background, yet dabbles in everything from hip-hop to electro sounds.  He’s made quite a name for himself in Austin, with many DJ residencies under his belt already.  Sharkweek is ready to bust out of the Texas bubble and take the rest of the US by storm as he has many pending projects for 2012, including an EP slated for release soon with RougeDubs, so keep your eye on him.

Listen : Sweet Island – Sharkweek

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