If you’re an avid music listener then it goes without saying that there has been a day when a buddy put on some smooth hip hop beats, and from then on you knew who the beat pioneer J Dilla was. Today we all look back and remember the legacy he left behind in his short time, but we can hardly help to imagine what the hip hop game would be like if JayDee was still churning out fresh soulful rhythms. So in that remembrance today we’ve got a batch of tracks a from beat producers all around the globe, from Russia to Britain, some of these guys are constantly churning out some of the freshest beats so don’t be surprised if you see some of these guys names around more often. Working from east to west we’ve got the soulful Languid an 18 year old producer out of the UK and from there we hop over to a couple of US producers that have also put out some tribute tracks in the past few days. From the east coast we have Podgy a 17 year old up and comer (New York), ChromadaData (St. Augustine, FL), and Ray Fittedz (California). The next featured today is one of my favorites; Penza, Russia’s OffBeatKiD’s constantly cranking out the freshest rhythms all the way across the Pacific. The last producer, Handbook, another talent out of the UK, is crushing the beat scene with his beautifully put together tunes. In my opinion he’s one of few beat producers these days that can make a 3 min. hip-hop instrumental into a beautifully put together song, without it being repetitive. RIP DILLA, and dig the tracks everyone.