In the midst of wandering through tunes the other day and before I knew it I wound up with this little gem scrolling by on my screen. I haven’t exactly seen his name around lately but without a doubt everyone remembers the spell Usher cast over thousands of girls when he dropped Burn back in 2004. So having never heard a mellowed out remix like Tincture has given us I was hooked by the glitches and cuts layered with the vocal samples (much like James Blake and Mount Kimbie). This Brisbane, Australia based producer has a fairly limited song base as of now, though it seems he’s gaining some foot holds. Opening for some larger names than himself such as Space Demension Controller and Balam Acab we’re looking forward to some more releases from Tincture later this year. Oh and if you like that Burn remix, check out this Genie in a Bottle rework he did a little more recently.

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