Today for you we’ve got a name you should most definitely take an interest in if you haven’t heard his name sprinkled in conversation somewhere or another. This producer straight out of Jacksonville, Florida is Britt Traynham; but he’s better known to the music world as Batsauce. This hip hop beat head has currently been busy churning out a beat a day for his fans via his soundcloud (today was day 245). Aside from this current project of his, Batsauce already has a good stash of beat tapes out on the wed already that each have their own particular flavor to them that seems to have shaped his sound to the crisp beats he’s been working to get out each and every day. Aside from churning out solely beat after beat Batsauce has had the chance to collaborate with some up and coming MCs to come out with some fresh hip hop that’s perfect for a long cruise or just kicking it around the house in the morning. The album I’m talking about particularly is an LP he collaboarated with Chicago MC Qwazaar on, entitled Bat Meets Blaine, a dope compilation of hip hip flows carried on by Batsauce’s smooth rhythms. I tried to pick a few tracks that showed the flavor of Bat Meets Blaine and then chose to throw in a couple other extra tracks from Batsauce incase you get hooked on this guy like I did.


Catch the entire Bat Meets Blaine collab here


You can get the tapes both of these songs are from for free over at Batsauce’s bandcamp.



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