Alright y’all, it’s time to get all sweet and sensual with your lover today, and what better way to do so than by treating that special someone to a brand new tune from Diplo.  This isn’t just any regular tune from Diplo either, this…is a baby making tune.  Now a lot of people might be disappointed with this one or consider it vastly different from other Diplo material, but one must remember, Diplo has before and will always reinvent himself.  He is a producer that has no limits and is willing to give a try at nearly an genre.  I feel as if this is why I love Diplo & Major Lazer so much; their tunes are hard to categorize and most of them are blend of several genres anyways.  So take this for what it is, if you don’t like it, Diplo will be releasing more material before you know it.  Oh yea,  the vocals on this track are believed to be Usher.  So ladies, before you start trying to make out with your Itunes, make sure you’re in a place where you can avoid complete embarrassment (it would be cool if you made out with the dankles home page in public though…just a thought).

Listen : Climax ft. Usher – Diplo

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