The 54th Annual Grammy Awards went down Sunday evening and as I stressed in a previous post, this year’s  ceremony had an extraordinary amount of attention due to the sudden rise of EDM culture over the past few years. For those who follow us on twitter/facebook, we tweeted during Deadmau5 performance of Raise Your Weapon that most Americans watching had a first time view (better yet an education) of the sounds of dubstep music. Close to 48 hours after said performance, the internet has erupted with everyone and their mother trying to figure out the meaning to America’s new “it” music genre. From lovers to haters, people are discussing EDM at new volumes now like never before which has caused great conflict, confrontations, and disagreements throughout social groups. But the guys over at Rap Dudes, along with our good friend Evil Analog, would like to help those in a state of confusion by previewing the latest…..dare I say greatest EDM sensation coming out in 2012! Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow this 6 min video to showcase the future of music…….Intelligent Dubstep! Enjoy mes Amis.


Download : I’m Blowin Up – Evil Along

Thanks to any/everyone that’s inspired/hated/supported/been confused/disapproved/influenced/or just been there for us while doing this Blog. Happy Valentine Day and long live Electronic Music!

The Dankles x Evil Analog x Rap Dudes

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