Mornin’ guys! Today we’re got another name you might not know yet, but will know very soon. And now we give you Tayke One. I don’t know all too much about this kid aside from the fact he comes from the Colorado area, I figured if there’s that little info out there then he must really be on the come up. Anyway, it seems like Tayke One can work with an aspect of music; from dicing up samples to make fresh beats or rhyming over those same chopped beats. The flow Tayke One has over some of these out-there beats is truly something different because it seems like we he works with all the oddities/sounds that occur behind his voice and let them shine through when they should. The track that caught my ears was just put up yesterday and doesn’t exactly feature Tayke One over any crazy beat but collabing with his buddy with an acoustic guitar (Been Stiller). Oh and even better, if you like this cat, he gives away all his music/mixtapes for free!


Tayke One on Soundcloud

Tayke One on Bandcamp

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