Sunday nights are tough for everyone, including the EDM community.  However, we could not resist gathering ourselves together and heading up to the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT when 12th Planet would be playing on Grammy Night.  The night began a bit slow with a few Connecticut local DJs starting things off, which is normal for an early Sunday show, but no bother, because once Crizzly hit us in the face with some bass at 8:15, I could have sworn my mood turned to Saturday night rage instantaneously.  Mixing Knife Party and Flux Pavilion tracks was more than a highlight from this youngblood for his set.  Flinch provided a good show, keeping the rhythm of the night in sync and seamless until the main man, John Dadzie a.k.a. 12th Planet came into the building.  It’s funny because when I was outside for a quick breather, 12th walked in the door right next to me, and you could just see that jubilation and natural high in his face from all the Skrillex Grammy Acceptance Speech love, and he really projected this feeling throughout the set.  I know many of you are planning on seeing The End Is Near over the next few days/weeks, so I don’t want to reveal too much, but all I have to say is, expect the unexpected.  I thought I momentarily died and went to heaven when Juicy J came through the speakers.  The End Is Near is not to be missed and has shows from Canada to Chicago to Nashville to OK City, so check him out when he is in your local city!

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