Honestly, I’m not sure why I don’t hear more Weeknd remixes- his original beats are complex yet instantly listenable, and his soothing R&B singing is just asking to be chopped up and sampled. But I’m glad I haven’t heard too many because it allowed Chi Duly to come out with this amazing remixtape (is that a word?) before I got tired of hearing mediocre Weeknd remixes. If you don’t recognize the name Chi Duly, you should- in my opinion he’s the best mash-up artist making music today (other than Girl Talk, of course). He’s the man responsible for 2010’s “October’s Very Cold”, an excellent album mashing up Drake and Coldplay, but this new mixtape is on a completely other level. Check out what Chi Duly had to say about his latest project and download the whole mixtape below.

“The concept was born of my interest in bringing The Weeknd’s vibe to a DJ set. He’s talking about what every other artist you hear in the club is talking about except he’s artistic, emotionally believable. The Weeknd’s subject matter is already club friendly. The pace however was only bedroom friendly. My project still retains that laid back, mellow uptempo R&B vibe but picks up on a harder electro vibe with the Dirty Diana remix.”

Download Balloons of Haus (Mixtape) – Chi Duly x The Weeknd

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