Just a couple days after Diplo dropped his R&B influenced banger with Usher, he is releasing the title track of his much anticipated Express Yourself EP.   This track features Nicki B, but the EP will also include tracks with Elephant Man, Datsik, Sabi and GTA.  You can bet your ass this is going to be a sick EP.  And finally Diplo filled us in about the details, the entire EP will be out on March 3rd.  This tune has Diplo written all over it, from the horns to the wild sounds that never thought they would make it into a dance tune.  Nicki B provides the MCing over the track, and believe me you going to dancing like an idiot to this one.  And to label this one would be difficult, it’s got influence from dance hall, hardstyle, dubstep and electro…I don’t know how Diplo does it.

Download : Express Yourself – Diplo ft. Nicki Da B

Check out the preview of Express Yourself EP here.

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