Starting off basic if you don’t already know these guys, they are based out of Melbourne, Australia (though they originally hail from a small town in New Zealand). This dude cranks out everything from straight glitch hop to some dope trip hop slipped in here and there. And on top of that the samples this guy scrapes up are fresh as hell. Last year I had the chance to catch Opiuo’s set at Camp Bisco X in upstate New York; fortunately for us his set was earlier in the day which detracted from the overload of festie goers and gave us a real personal experience with the MAN. Lucky for us he just dropped some new tunes on us a couple hours ago. It looks like we should be expecting some more from this dope Aussie sometime soon hopefully; seen at this release is entitled Butternut Slap Part 1 and each track is only about a minute and a half. But anyways take a listen and see if the likes of Opiuo tingles your taste-buds like it does mine.

Butternut Slap Part 1 – Opiuo



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