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I find it refreshing whenever an artists comes our way who applies his trade of delivering music with the use of good ol’ turntables. DJ Trentino is such an artist, who’s combination of vinyl skills and juke-worthy drum beats has lead him cross-country dropping some of the freshest electro house bangers too the masses. Hailing from Chicago, Trentino has had the opportunity of playing along side some damn good talent (WolfGang Gartner, DJ Craze, and Dillon Francis). Just last weekend, he played an opening set for A-trak that left me, among many others, blown away due to going HAM in every sense of the word. Get familiar  with Trentino’s work, because we are forecasting him to make some serious moves in 2012 and peep out his latest EP titled SQRM which is available beatport NOW!

Listen : Queen Bounce (feat. Kelis) – Trentino x Calvin Harris

Listen : Hot Sauce Radio Mini Mix

Track List:

1. Shiftee – Nerdy Intro

2. Knife Party – Internet Friends (Mark Mackenzie’s We’re All Going To Die! Remix)

3. Morgan Page f. Tegan & Sara – Body Work (Lazy Rich Remix)

4. Porter Robinson – Unison (Knife Party Remix)

5. Feed Me – Pink Lady

6. Skrillex – Bangarang f. Sirah


Remember that scene from Beetlejuice where they’re all dancing over the dinner table?  That was nothing. This Brooklyn, NY native brings that classic that we all know and love into the new era.  Codes utilizes this track in a way that is ground-breaking to me.  He is a producer with Slow Roast Records, and man, has this guy got talent.  He really pushes the bpm limit in every single track that I’ve heard, and always keeps me guessing.  The moment that I think, “oh nice, love this high-energy, pumping, house sound”, he completely surprises me by mixing in jungle and unheard of urban drops, or something completely unexpected that blows my mind and moves my feet as if they weren’t even attached to my own body.  I was definitely shakin’ it senora when the high-energy house bass hit me mixed with the Belafonte vocals.  Codes not only works with house music, but features a lot of hip and glitch-hop, kuduro, and moombahton sounds in his production that makes him a well-rounded party-starter for any mood and occasion.


My Saturday in a nutshell by Xilent.  This self-proclaimed drum and bass Producer really takes me through the motions of a typical weekend day seamlessly and without missing a beat.  On any Saturday, I usually wake up to that sleepy haze that takes a while to shake off.  Some sort of productivity is always necessary to feel like a normal human after I come out of my funk, then back down to nap time to charge the batteries for the night’s festivities.  And a second wind hits later for the rage.  This pattern is literally mirrored by this young, Polish, prospect in his tracks.  He brings his audience through stages of energies; very high and extremely calm at certain points.  Just when you are digging the down-tempo/trance sounds, Eryk Kowalczyk slaps you in the face with hard dub sounds mixed with electro glitches that make not having a second wind to party, almost impossible.  Xilent, although a new producer, has a lot of promising projects in the work, and should be making a name for himself on the US scene in 2012, so stay tuned!

Listen : Bombstep! – Xilent


Carnival in Rio anyone?  Forget about what you think you knew about Germany in general; forget Oktoberfest and brats and beers.  This duo out of Munich transports us to another world that most of us have only read about or seen on the news.  Schlachthofbronx roll with the Mad Decent crew, and have had a lot of experience touring world-wide, including through South Africa in 2009, which brings sounds that we have rarely heard of through our speakers.  These guys are known for that air-horn sounds, typical to Caribbean music.  But who would ever have thought that two guys out of Munich would be pioneers in Kuduro, jungle, and new-world sounds?  They have the capability to keep any party going, and have us feeling like we are at a festival in a foreign country, but you might want to throw them on late-night, they are pretty wild for a pre-game.


Don’t let the name fool you, this in not disco as  you may think of it.  Solidisco makes me feel like Gloria Gaynor and Aviici had a love child.  If I had to choose the best element of the original disco from its era it would be the vocals.  After the seventies, lyrics and vocals became so dark or poppy, not original belt-out like in the good days when every man, woman, and child couldn’t resist grabbing anything that resembled a mic and singing along.  Solidisco gives those powerful female vocals a facelift by injecting them with re-invented electronic and house beats by using high-energy synth sounds and numerous electro stabs.  And of course, this Buffalo, NY duo mixes in those snares and clap-claps that defined disco.  Solidisco is fairly new to the scene and are slating to be releasing two new tracks in the near future that we will be bringing to you as soon as possible, be on the look out!

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