This Missouri local has been making some serious Moomba for a minute now, and has seemingly flown a little under the radar. We’ve been lucky enough to snag an interview with this up and coming producer the day his new Bonkers EP drops, and we couldn’t be more excited to deliver it to you all. We featured a preview of the tracks in our Monday Morning Moomba post, and they got some serious love. This kid has talent, and we can easily see him blowing up onto the EDM scene soon. I mean, just listen to the music he’s been putting out on his Soundcloud for the past year.. But enough from me, let’s here it from the man himself, and get you guys some Moomba music.

TD: Seeing that you’re a seemingly new face to the game, give us a few of the basics about yourself for those who are just seeing your name. What’s your name, where you come from, how old you are, you know, that kind of stuff?

JF: My name is Jay Fay, I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, and I’m 18. I’ve been producing for a little over a year.

TD: Having heard your remixes and that massive Bonkers EP that dropped today; I’ve noticed you switch your style up a decent bit, what artists have influenced you into making the tunes you have out today?

JF: Way too many to name, but recently Crookers, Dillon Francis, Munchi. I’m also really, really into Keith & Supabeatz at the moment. I’m just really influenced by my surroundings and the internet frankly. I’m always listening to music and in todays world where everyones connected to the internet it’s hard not to be constantly influenced by something.

TD: Just out of curiosity, what kind of equipment and programming have you been working with to churn out these beats for those interested and aspiring producers out there?

JF: I use a Macbook Pro running Ableton. The main VSTs I use are Massive, Battery, and Sylenth. Everything else comes from Ableton. I don’t even use a midi keyboard, just my laptop keyboard! I’ve been thinking about investing in one though…I also produce on headphones, which isn’t the best way to produce, but it’s gotten the job done. I think the common misconception is that you need the best and newest software/hardware/speakers/whatever. The best way to produce is ALWAYS going to be whatever works best for you. It’s all personal preference.

TD: Clearly you didn’t just start making music yesterday, are there any artists you’ve already collaborated with in your musical career that you’d like to give a shout out to?

JF: My number one is Ra Cailum. He’s been my best friend for a couple years now, and we’ve done three tracks together already (one of them was the title track of my Bonkers EP). He’s making a lot of SUPER awesome music that he’s gonna be releasing in a bit that’s totally different than the stuff we’ve made together. So definitely keep an eye out for him. I’ve also collaborated with a producer from Australia named J-Trick who’s killing it right now. I worked on a track with a rapper from New Orleans named G-Eazy who’s already blowing up and you’re DEFINITELY going to be seeing him a lot this year. I also have a track coming out with a rapper named Boogat who’s making super awesome music right now. All of those tracks are coming on my upcoming releases.

PREVIEW: Clownz – Jay Fay & Ra Calium

PREVIEW: Bamboula (J-Trick remix) – Jay Fay

TD: It seems like it’s gonna be hard for people not to start noticing your name in the Moombahton game, and it looks like it’ll be a busy year for you. Do you have any bigger name artists you’ve wanted to work with or any that you’ve already been in contact with for future tracks?

JF: I have an endless list of dream collaborations, way too many to name. There are just so many producers I respect and look up to. As to artists that I’ve talked about collaborating with…I gotta keep some secrets. :)

TD: What have been the most memorable shows from the past you’ve gotten the chance to preform at? Do you have any big plans for the future in terms of your live performance?

JF: I think the most memorable so far has been when I went on a small 3-day tour with G-Eazy as his tour DJ back in September. We played in Detroit to a sold out festival at an outdoor amphitheater. There were 7,200 people there and it was crazy. Then on top of that we played with Big Sean, Wale and Big KRIT which was pretty cool. The live performance in  is going to start becoming more important than ever. People want to go see a show, so people are going to have to start giving shows. In terms of my live performance, right now it’s just me and my Traktor S4, but I make sure that I’m as energetic and excited to be playing as possible on stage, and interacting with the crowd to really give a great show.

TD: Still on the note of live shows, obviously there’s some things to go down that the public eye doesn’t catch a glimpse of, what’s the most ridiculous situation you have gotten into/witnessed backstage?

JF: I don’t think I’ve really gotten into anything crazy, yet. Hopefully something crazy happens soon!

TD: You’re a young guy, producing music can’t be the only thing you do. When you’re not at the computer or in the lab, what do you like to do with that spare time? Is there another side to Jay Fay that no one knows?

JF: I watch a lot of Netflix and TV shows online. I also watch a lot of 90s superhero cartoons haha. I think they’re just really nostalgic for me, and I just love them. I’m honestly working on music a lot. Probably most of my free time is devoted to that.

TD: Seeing as I just saw this Tweet from you as I was writing this up, apparently you don’t even have your freshest tracks out yet! Is there any way you’d wanna shed a little light on what we could be expecting from you, release wise, in the near future?

JF: I’ve been sitting on a lot of tracks since October. I’ve had two full EPs already finished for a while. One will be coming out on Generation Bass sometime in early March, and another coming on T&A Records probably early April. I have a couple remixes coming out, but other than those, that’s about it. A good 10 or so more tracks on the way! They’ve all been getting really awesome support from a lot of big DJs. It’s really crazy when you grow up idolizing artists that you now talk to and share music with on a regular basis. It’s all super exciting!

BONUS MIX! (seriously one of my favorite Moombah mixes at the moment)

Get Dat – Jay Fay
$$ OOPS $$ – Jay Fay & Ra Cailum
Skratch Riddim (Jay Fay Remix) – Jon Kwest
The Pump – Torro Torro & Long Jawns
Da Worm – Bro Safari
Bonkers – Jay Fay & Ra Cailum
Mashitup – Jay Fay
Starlife (Feat. G-Eazy) – Jay Fay
Grove St. Party (Skinny Friedman Remix) – Waka Flocka Flame
Brazzer’s Theme – Dillon Francis
Fuck This – Munchi
Mother (Mr. Oizo Remix) – Para One
Hold Tha Line – ETC!ETC! & J-Trick
Killswitch – Jay Fay & J-Trick
Go (Munchi is a Thought Criminal Remix) – Professor Angel Sound
Breakin’ Bread (Phaseone Remix) – Kollosus
31 Flavors – Pink Dollaz
House Party – Meek Mill (Feat. Young Chris)
Computation – Dismantle
I See U (Girl Unit Remix) – Lunice
Mirage x Crush (Kingdom Edit – Jay Fay Bootleg) – Girl Unit & Beat Kings
Sista Sista – Subvader
Chimbus – Ra Cailum
Sala – John Roman
Niggas in Pairs (Van Toth Bootleg) – Jay-Z & Kanye West
Bamboula – Jay Fay
The Bass – Bart B More, Drop the Lime & AC Slater
Pressure – Keith & Supabeatz
La Campana (Feat. Maluca) – Tittsworth & Alvin Risk
(We Stay) Up All Night (Botnek Remix) – Buraka Som Sistema
Take Me (Ra Cailum Remix) – Kingdom
Barely A Trak – Jam City
Swims – Boddika & Joy Orbison

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