Deadmau5 is back at it again, releasing a brand new one this morning.  Unlike his last release, “Cthulhu 2”, where Joel admitted he was writting an angry song, “Maths” is the complete opposite.  “Maths” is upbeat the whole way through and to tell the truth reminds me of a Wolfgang Gartner track.  It also reminds me of Deadmau5 per 4×4=12.  This tune carries a great melody all the way through, and even though it’s a seven minute track I keep wanting more.  It is good to know that Deadmau5 keeps releasing tunes lately.  This could possibly mean an EP or album may be in the works and we all know how awesome that would be.  In the above video you’ll find Deadmau5’s performance at the Grammys last weekend.  First is a song by the Foo Fighters and then Deadmau5 joins in to play the remix, and once that is done, Deadmau5 shows his skills with “Raise Your Weapon”.

Download : Maths – Deadmau5

Here are a couple new tunes that Deadmau5 has been working on while construstion on his studio is being finished.

“Channel 41”

“Channel 42”

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