Who is Cherub?  Cherub is a duo from Nashville, TN and they make electronic indie/pop dance music under Elm & Oak records.  Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber aka Cherub claims to be the love child of 80’s electro pop and we now believe it.  Cherub just released their debut album on February 11th and it just recently caught my eye.  Both the tunes we have featured here, “Doses & Mimosa” & “You, Me & Jodeci” move slowly and have some beautiful vocals to match the tone.  Slow moving synths and 80’s-esque snares will encapsulate you.  You’ll even get a guitar solo in “You, Me & Jodeci”.  If I had to choose between the two tunes, I’d say “Doses & Mimosas” is my favorite; there is nothing quite like some extremely catchy lyrics.  Be sure to support Cherub by buying their album HERE.

Download : Doese & Mimosa – Cherub

Download : You, Me & Jodeci – Cherub

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