For all you hip hop heads listening in at The Dankles I’ve got a fresh group of guys whose mixtape you should definitely snag. The tape dropped back in mid January, so clearly it’s apparent that these dudes aren’t gettin’ enough love, but before that you need to know who the True School Collective is. The TSC isn’t simply a hip hop group, but a collective of artists; as a whole the School already has an attendance of almost 40 artists/producers; Cor Stidak, byrdversion1, DJPrinceC, and The Xersist, to name a very brief few (their entire roster can be found over on here on their Soundcloud). I’ve been a fan of some of these talented producers for a good while now and I’m glad they’ve got something going that seems to only be getting bigger and betters; so big ups to this crew of artists and hopefully we hear some fresh tunes soon from either some, or all of these guys in the upcoming weeks!

Lucky enough for us these guys were generous enough to give us their first release for free:

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