First of all, we at The Dankles would like to thank David Heartbreak for taking the time to talk with us and giving us a glimpse into his life. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Heartbreak is the main man of the moombahton genre at the moment who takes the realm of 110 BPMs to a new level.  Mixing heavy-bass beats with dutch style stabs, Heartbreak incorporates hip-hop, reggaeton, and an eclectic collection of sounds to bring us the three track EP, Boom! The creator of ELMO has me dancing all over the place on this Tuesday morning, especially with “OMFG”. On the day of the Boom! release, we provide you with a sample of what you’re in for, so get out and download the Moombahton Master’s freshest beats…

Listen : Boom! Snippet

TD:  What is you real name, age, and how did you get started producing music under the alias David Heartbreak?

DH: My Real Name is David Hart; the name was given to me by an ex girlfriend, near the end of the relationship. It had a nice ring to it, so i decided to use. My Artist name is David Heartbreak, But I’m better known as Heartbreak.

TD: Who are some of your influences musically?

DH:  My influences musically come from anywhere, it could come from being around talented producers or traveling. I gain the most inspiration from traveling, after shows is when I am at my peak of inspiration.

TD: Besides Moombahton, what other genres do you enjoy listening to?

DH:  I listen and make everything… my favorite genre at the moment, is dub step, and then ambient music.  I like both sides of the spectrum; and then moombahton is my middle ground for the two genres that I listen to the most.

TD: Outside of producing/playing shows what other activities do you like to participate in?

DH:  I like to travel, sometimes i just pick a city and just go there, and do nothing. I love to travel.

TD: Favorite pre-show pre-game ritual?

DH:  My pre game ritual, is to either smoke some green leafs haha, or have a strong drink, preferably Ciroc and Red Bull. That combination always seems to work.

TD: You just recently finished up an album, can you give us some details about that?

DH:  This album is different, it’s fun…it’s a different side of Heartbreak that I haven’t seen in a while  It’s very good, but different, it should be interesting to see how it plays out.  I take pride in any tune that I make, and don’t put out anything that’s not great.

TD: You’re getting to play one of the biggest moombahton events in the country, Moombahton Massive in Miami. How does it feel to play along side, the pioneers of moombahton as well as huge names like Diplo and Dillon Francis?

DH:  Well, we all are pioneers in the movement; Dave Nada, Sabo, Munchi, Dillon, and myself… and a few others as well. We have massives all the time.  This one is very special because we are being supported by HARD which is, huge.  It’s gonna be fun, and a good show at the end. I’ve played with everyone before, so this is like a family reunion in my opinion.

TD: For those that don’t know, would you mind explaining Kuduro; how it came about and where it is influenced from?

DH:  It is a type of music, that started in Africa, there are so many different sides to it. I think the most familiar with Americans at this point is the style that an Angolan artist named Cabo Snoop uses. It’s hard to explain; its about 140 to 150 bpm…same as dub step, but it has a faster vibe to it, and a different swing.  It’s almost like super fast dancehall.

TD: Just by reading some of your posts on Facebook, you seem to be a really relaxed guy, who genuinely enjoys the input from his fans. You even let your fans name your latest EP, how valuable is the input you get from your fans?

DH:  I love my fans, I may not have a million fans yet like Diplo, and some of the bigger names, but it means a lot to me. I am cool dude..A lot of artist act like fucking divas and that pisses me off. The reason why we are in the venues, and places we are is because of the fans. So thats why I do not take anyone who loves Heartbreak for granted…

TD: On a lighter note, do you travel with groupies or find new ones at the fly of a handle?

DH:  I don’t really do the groupie thing…I’m 28, I’m kinda old (haha)….so I usually do my show and catch the first flight out, to stay out of trouble!!

TD:  I’ve always wondered, while playing a show do you ever find yourself mid-set desperately needing to use the bathroom?

DH:  Yeah if I have to pee real bad and I can’t hold it….I’ll jump off the stage and run to the bathroom…just make sure the song is at least 6 minutes long…haha

TD: In such a dense, and some would say oversaturated EDM scene, how do you feel you set yourself apart from other producers?

DH:  The thing with me, is that I don’t really have a style, I make and play everything.  I just love music in general, so I could go from dubstep to kuduro to hip-hop to trance.  I read the crowd, some DJs don’t do that, they just play what they want whether the crowd is rocking with them or not.

TD: If you had a choice to open/play with any artist, who would it be and why?

DH:  If I had a chance to tour with someone, it would probably be Tiesto, Carl Cox or Afrojack.

TD: Favorite song or remix at the moment?

DH:  My favorite song at the moment, is my track, E.L.M.O, but the Valentino Khan Remix, shit is next level.

TD:  Everyone likes to know the technical side of production, what do you use to produce and what equipment do you use live?

DH:  I honestly have seen every thing and know how to use it all, because everyone uses something different.  My new stuff I made has been in Logic, and I think once Logic X comes out, I will go there full time.

TD: Any big plans for 2012? New Releases? Tours?

DH:  Boom comes out 2/21 (Today!)  and then my second release comes out in March, it’s called “Dude, Call me I’m High”.  It will be some next level hard electro with experimental type vibes.  A few tours in the makes, but I’m keeping it quiet until it is confirmed. (We will keep you posted)

TD:  Last Exotic Country that you visited?

DH:  Denmark.

TD:  Last CD you bought?

DH:  Dillon Francis’s “Something Something Awesome”.

TD:  Last time you were in the studio?

DH:  Saturday!

TD:  Last person to influence you?

DH:  New York City.

TD:  Last time you attended a show that you didn’t play at?

DH:  Friday night (2/17) – Webster Hall, NYC to see the family; Nadastrom, Dillon Francis and Crizzly.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, any last words or shout outs?

DH:  Please pick up the new EP Boom!  out today!

Listen : Blaze Up (That Jeffrey) – Heartbreak & Toddla T

Listen : Valley Girls – Heartbreak & DJ JTrick

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