The Dankles being partially based out of Boulder makes me the feel need to share the great music that it continuously being pumped out of here. Boulder’s very own duo THiCK CHiCK just released their new Wiseguys EP and has generously given it away for free. It’s a wonderful that mixture of different sorts of EDM. The best electronic musicians these days are the ones banching out and attempting new styles outside of their element. THiCK CHiCK has made it their duty to do just that. Bringing you everything from Electro-Dub, House, and Moomba this group throws down a serious display of fun dance able party tracks . Anyone headed to Snowball in 10 days best be making it to their set. Keep a look out for the Dankles there, we’ll be having ourselves a ball (sign,lasers,you know.. the works). Enough from me, check out their new EP, and a bonus because I love you all so very, very much. (Including a remix of Paper Diamond)

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