Snowball Music Festival is steadily approaching, single day tickets are on sale, many of the after parties are sold out and people are getting hyped.  Almost every member of The Dankles will be attending this year and we have complied a list of artists (some you may know, others maybe not) whom we think you should go see.  We will break this down by day.  So let us get started with Day 1 of Snowball Music Festival.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, Rusko Big Boi, Major Lazer will all be phenomenal shows.  Both Rusko and Major Lazer have finished their albums so we are bound to hear a bunch of brand new material. There are a couple of new songs from both Major Lazer and Rusko below, along with an older joint from Big Boi.

Download : Somebody To Love – Rusko

Download : Mr. Marshall ft. Flux Pavilion & Jonny Marshall (128 preview) – Major Lazer

Download : Shine Blockas – Big Boi & Gucci Mane

FLASHLIGHTS (4:30-5:00, Ballroom Tent)
This first artist that I want to highlight is Flashlights from Denver, Colorado.  Flashlights is a electronic pop duo comprised of Ethan Converse & Sam Martin.  I recently download their material on their bandcamp and I must say, all of it is great.  At this show you’ll find some chilled out spacey synths and smooth filtered vocals.  It is a perfect way to start the day at Snowball.  You probably won’t be raging too hard, but this is the type of music you’ll find yourself getting lost in.

Download : New Hampshire Pt. II – Flashlights

HELICOPTER SHOWDOWN (2:30-3:30, Groove Tent)
Next up we’ve got Helicopter Showdown.  Heli Showdown is from San Fransico and will be joining us in the cold to bring you some serious bass.  If you’re looking whomp out, be at this show.  My guess is that they will be playing the tent, and if anyone remembers from last year, when 12th Planet played his set the tent went off!  Not only do they have a sweet name, but they are a quartet of producers, should be an interesting show.

Download : Gucci Gucci (Helicopter Showdown & IB remix) – Kreyshawn

MARTYPARTY (5:00-6:00, Groove Tent)
After you lose your face at Heli-Showndown, I suggest seeing MartyParty.  MartyParty is in the midst of his Six Shots tour, and there is no doubt that he will be throwing down for Snowball.  MartyParty is going to give you a lot of that future bass, dubstep, and some purple.  This artist might already be on your list of people to see, but be sure not to get distracted once his set rolls around.  Maybe Minnesota will even make an appearance to display Deathstar’s huge presence.

MartyParty’s – Purple Rage Mix

BAG RAIDERS (6:20-7:20, Groove Tent)
Before some of the big guns go on I recomend seeing Bag Raiders, an Australian duo that packs a punch when it comes to nu-disco, house and funky beats in general.  By this time in the day everyone should be getting their groove on and this is the perfect set to do so at.  Bag Raiders is going to be a highlight for me and I hope that some of you guys will check out their set too.  You’ll be provided with nothing but uplifting beats and four-on-the-floors beats.  If the tent is muddy by the time they go on, prepare for that to change midway through their set.  Check out this instant awesomeness below.

Download : Sunlight  – Bag Raiders ft. Dan Black

MIMOSA (7:45-9, Groove Tent)
Tigran Mimosa has been around for a while now and for plenty of good reasons.  Mimosa comes from out of the sunny state of California and produces a unique blend glitchy-bass, crunk-step, and a variety of other genre mashes.  We think this show is going to be wild, and we already know that Tigran Mimosa has a huge fan base in Colorado, so he will not disappoint.  Check out one of Mimosa’s newest remix below.

Download : Nigg*s In Paris (Mimosa remix) – Jay-Z & Kanye West

Download : Mimosa’s Future Trill Mixxx

Tracklist :
1. NiNA SiM0NE – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
2. THE T0UCH – Bodies Waiting (FRENCH FRiES REMiX)
3. DARK SKY – Be Myself
4. MiM0SA – Pink Sprite
5. DiSCL0SURE – I Love… That You Know
6. STAGGA – Wild For The Night (D0SHY REMiX)
7. LUNiCE – I See U (GiRL UNiT REMiX)
8. TEETH – Shawty
9. JAY-Z KANYE WEST – Niggas In Paris (MiM0SA REMiX)
10. MiM0SA – Ice Box
11. AFRiKA HiTECH – Out In The Streets
12. MiM0SA – Dirty Money
13. Sleepyhead – Summer LovinOk, ok, before you start asking yourself why some of the day 1 artists aren’t mentioned, let me tell you whom I think will also be notable without going into extreme detail.   If you want dubstep, see Boulder resident, Skywalkerr, Sub.mission dubstep residents and Thick Chick.  All three of these sets will provide you with a big dose of bass.   If you are looking for some dubstep mixed in with some progressive trance and glitch then I recommend The Acidophiles from Ft. Collins.  If you want indie, go see Deer Tick and get your fix.  And finally, someone that will undoubtably have a great set is Pretty Lights Music’s, Supervision.

If you don’t already, pick up some tickets for what will be an unforgettable weekend.  Single day tickets just went on sale and you can pick up three day admission for $160.  Purchase tickets HERE.
…check back tommorrow for another list of artists that will make Snowball unforgettable…

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