Lunice, a Mad Decent player and rap/hip-hop producing genius is back at it with a free tune that was released through his twitter a couple days ago.  If you’re still not sure, Lunice reminds me of Araabmusik at times.  Heavy on the bass drums, and fast/crisp on the high-hats makes for the quintessential dj produced rap beat.  I wouldn’t doubt that Lunice will have someone spit of this beats because it is perfect minus the lack of vocals.  If the featured tune isn’t enough, take a listen to the Helicopter remix.  It’s a bit different, but one can get lost in it and found pushing the repeat button without even knowing.  Atleast it happened to me?  Check out the video above for some live Lunice action presented by Red Bull Music Academy.

Download : The Good Kids – Lunice


Download : Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice remix) – Deerhunter

Download : Stoopid (Lunice remix) – Gucci Mane

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