So we caused a bit of confusion today in the Twitter world.  I posted up that we had a new Funtcase remix to post, and Funtcase reply simply, “What?”.  It was obvious that Funty thought that we had stolen a tune, but in all reality we just came across a radio rip of his tune.  Don’t turn away from this one just because it’s a radio rip.  This tune BANGS.  Funtcase is known for his all-out huge dubstep tunes and this one is no different.  Plan B has seen plenty of remixes in the past but this one is just straight up massive.  I must add, if you’ve never seen Funtcase before, put it on your list of to-do’s.  We saw him last year in Denver for a Sub.mission presents show and I’ve never seen a show go off like that before.  Once again, sorry Funty for the confusion earlier!  Be sure to check out Funtcase’s beatport tunes and when this tune comes out, BUY IT.

Download : Ill Manors (Funtcase remix)(radio rip) – Plan B

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