SnowBall Music Festival : Day 2

Hopefully by the time that day 2 rolls around you’re not going to be too burnt out, because day 2 is arguably more packed than day 1.   So let us get the obvious out of the way once more.  Without question Snoop Dogg is going to be one hell of a show.  This will be the first time a lot of us will be seeing him, and we are looking forward to being drunk as hell and rapping along with the rest of the whitest crowd you’ll ever see at a Snoop show.  The Kooks will be a great show if you want to see actual instruments, and Ghostland Observatory is one of the shows I’m looking forward to the most this day.  Here are some of our picks for day 2.

CASSIAN (3:45-4:45, Heat Hut)

Cassian is one of my first picks for this day.  Cassian is a single dude from down under in Sydney.  His music can be classified as nu-disco, house, and funky beats in general.  I guarantee this show is going to be really fun if you keep your mind open to it.  I know not a lot of our readers probably listen to nu-disco that much but once you hear this live it’s undeniably good.  If you were lucky enough to snag an afterparty ticket for Diplo’s show, Cassian is opening and their style will bring out something cool in Diplo’s set.

Download : Getting High (Original mix) – Cassian

GRIZ (8:00-9:00, Heat Hut)

Luckly I  had the chance to see GriZ open for Big Gigantic at Boulder Theater, and let me tell you it was not quite what I was expecting. In his set he dropped a few new heavy dubtep that I personally and other members from The Dankles would agree with this. The 21 year-old dubstep producer from Detroit recently finished touring with Big Gigantic on their winter tour, and is absolutely on the verge of blowing up. By remixing everyone from Aerosmith to Kanye West and producing high-quality original tracks, the young producer has shown that he is someone you definitely need to keep your eye on. I would definitely check out this young new artist at Snowball.

PICTUREPLANE (4:45-5:45, Heat Hut)

If you life in the Denver area, chances are you’ve seen this Colorado-native post-pop electronic artist as he has opened for Sleigh Bells, Washed Out, and many more, on top of owning my favorite dive bar in Denver- Rhinoceropolis. He just got added to the bill for Boulder’s Levitate Festival, but I highly recommend seeing his unique live show in a small tent at Snowball before the giant 1st Bank Center. While the schedule hasn’t been announced yet, I know I will be seeing Pictureplane over anyone else playing at that time.

Download: Body Mod – Pictureplane

GRAMATIK (*MOVED TO FRIDAY* (3:45-4:45, Groove Tent)

I first saw Gramatik at the Fox Theatre in Boulder a few months ago, and instantly after the concert I was looking forward to when I was going to be able to see him again- luckiliy I didn’t have to wait long as he will be holding it down in the tent this year. He is signed to Pretty Lights Music, and sounds like what Pretty Lights might have been if he continued with the sound of his “Taking Up Your Precious Time” album, with awesome guitar, piano, and jazz samples.

DILLON FRANCIS (5:00-6:00, Groove Tent)

 One of Mad Decent’s biggest rising stars will heat up the Groove tent this year in a style that has yet to reach Snowball.  Yes, I am talking about Moombahton.  Dillon Francis may be one of the only artists that gives us some moombah this year.  Diplo might play some out too, but we are garreunteed to hear a healthy dose of moombahton from this guy.  He is fresh off his latest release, Something, Something Awesome EP and there is a new remix coming out that is going to blow peoples heads off.

Download : IDGAFOS 2.0 – Dillon Francis

FIGURE (1:45-2:45, Groove Tent)

Unfortunatly, Figure was given a horrible set time, but you can be sure this guy is going to melt the snow and most likely turn the Groove tent into a mud pit.  If you saw 12th Planet last year you will know exactly what I’m talking about.  Figure is one producer I have yet to see, but from what I hear he throws down at every show and is extremely passionate about his music.  Figure is constantly putting out new music, and most of it is for free!  Figure’s remix of Borgore’s “Flex” is going to bring down the tent, I’m positive of it.  Be sure to catch this guy!

Download : The Werewolf – Figure

Download : Flex ft. Shay (Figure remix)(128kbps preview) – Borgore

DADA LIFE (6:15-7:15, Groove Tent)

As if the tent isn’t going to go through enough damage from Figure, DADA LIFE is soon to come on after them.  If you’ve never heard of Dada Life get your head out of the gutter and download these two songs.  Dada Life’s signature live act contains bigger than life inflatable bananas and champaign bottles.  These guys pack a crazy amount of energy into their shows and will not doubt cause a riot in the tent.

Download : Who Is Ready To Jump (Dada Life remix) – Chuckie

Download : Big Bad Wolf (Dada Life remix) – Duck Sauce

TV ON THE RADIO (7:00-8:15, Main Stage)

After having seen this band in all almost all of the elements, they never let their fans down. Each time set I’ve heard a set from them they throw together a great mix of old classic tunes and some new gems they churned out on their newest album Nine Types of Light last April. After the passing of their bassist Gerard Smith soon after the drop of that last album they went on a brief hiatus, but they’ve been back and still have that unique TVOTR sound. That and having seen them since then at the Ogden Theater in Denver this past Spetember, I couldn’t be more excited or their set in a few weeks. If you don’t know these guys sound its time to check it out so we can give them as much love as possible when they strut their stuff at Snowball Music Festival in a few weeks.

Download: Love Dog – Tv on the Radio
If you don’t already, pick up some tickets for what will be an unforgettable weekend.  Single day tickets just went on sale and you can pick up three day admission for $160.  Purchase tickets HERE.

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