The innovators of trap dance music are back with a new EP entitled Total Recall.  This three track EP has everything you know and love about Flosstradamus.  The trap style snares and high-hats and big bass drums.  Then you’ll get dance music side with the huge trance/house style breakdowns.  It’s funny, I don’t think many people have ever imagined this style of music to become popular, but it’s definitely on the rise thanks to this duo.  Their previously released tune, “Total Recall” makes another appearance on this EP, then their is my personal favorite, “Mota”.  And finally summing up the entire EP with a bang is, “UR Life”.  All three tracks are more than awesome.

Download : Total Recall – Flosstradamus

Download : Mota – Flosstradamus

Download : UR Life – Flosstradamus

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