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Time to rage, Moguai is on.  If you haven’t heard of this German producer yet, get ready to take note, because this guy is it.  Moguai makes me believe that electronica is not just any guy with a Macbook, and shoots straight inspiration.  It’s been a while since I have heard original electro beats that are based from the origins of the genre, but brought into a new light.  Lately, I’ve been disheartened by a lot of “new” stuff that I hear, but Moguai reminds me of why I love EDM to begin with.  I feel straight sky-rocketed back into my past when pure jubilation and an ear-to-ear smile hit my face any time I listen to him because he has that strong capability to bring  you into a track and engulf you with his European sounds.  For anyone headed to Ultra, be on the lookout for Moguai, he will be hanging with the Mau5trap crew.  I highly recommend catching a set of his if you get a chance and are in need of some inspiration including maybe a trip back to your EDM roots.

Listen: Optinuum – Moguai

Nick Decay

The feelings from a long drive back after a rough night when you are just dying to get to your most comfortable spot are conjured up by Vegas native, Nick Decay. That desperation for arriving at our sanctuary to return to our happy place and be able to finally unwind is how I feel far too often, and this calmer yet funky sound will get you there without a bump in the road.  I can’t help but push the negative thoughts of pounding headaches and many miles ahead of me when the new Earthbound Album comes into my eardrums and makes me think I will be in that bed before five minutes end.  With a variety of experimental stab and glitch sounds, Nick Decay is defining himself on his own terms in this over saturated EDM scene.  He has been kind enough to share this track exclusively with The Dankles for download, so take advantage while you can and check out the rest of his album out now!

Listen : Earthbound – Nick Decay

Listen : The Death of Swagger – Nick Decay

Dead Battery

One of my best friends lived in Innsbruck, Austria for a few years working with a Snowboarding Company, but he never warned me about this young prospect.  As a dubstep fan, I was a bit taken aback when I came across Dead Battery, and his fresh interpretation of the genre.  Inventative and introverted I would say classify these beats perfectly.  Dubstep has become very mundane and repetitive, but Dead Battery gives us hope for the future emerging with a “dublectro” new wave.  I can hard step and dance with the stars at the same time when I listen to these tracks, feeling completely careless and happy.  This young Austrian has lots of promise for the future as he is introducing himself to the scene on his own terms, so if he is not yet, then this kid should be on your EDM radar.

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