I predict at this point during the Snowball experience The Dankles members will be barely alive and hungover from the Dada Life and Dillon Francis afterparty.  And though we would like to sleep in, and recuperate; we are going to be out there trying to see as many artists as possible (we recommend you do the same).  Unlike last year, we feel the Sunday lineup is not going to fall short compared to the two previous days.  There will be plenty of artists to see spanding numerous genres, and of course Bassnectar.  Without a doubt, Bassnectar had one of the best performaces of last year; I’m sure that many other would say the same.  Here are the third and final picks for Snowball Music Festival Day 3.


At Dawn We Rage, is just that.  You absolutely feel like constantly raging while listening to them.  They will be starting off the day at Snowball and my guess is in the Groove Tent.  So if you’re an early riser like us and looking to see as many people as possible this will be the first show to check out.  At Dawn We Rage just released their new EP for free, which we featured HERE.  And check out my favorite remix from these guys.


Minnesota is a Dankles favorite.  We’ve been keeping up with this guy for the last couple years and it has been really cool seeing him grow as a producer and artist.  If you’re looking to get dubbed out and get a dose of purple in there too this will be the set to be at.  Minnesota will be playing Snowball then soon after he will be joining Paper Diamond on Tour this Spring. Be sure to check out all his stuff, it’s all phenomenal.

Download : Demons (Minnesota remix) – Fenech Soler


Two Fresh, a hip hop duo comprised of two brothers Kendo and Shweez, who since signing with Elm and Oak have been around the Colorado region for a good bit now. This being said, it has given the Dankles a chance to catch them at a number of shows. Starting at Camp Bisco this summer some of the Dankles staff here got to catch them throw down a show that allowed for what I thought to be a pretty personal set due to their early set time at Camp Bisco. The Dankles got to catch them again at the Fox Theater in Boulder, Co to see them throw down once more. So if your looking for some fresh hip hop beats to groove to I would recommend going to see Two Fresh.

Download : Ariel Pink (Summercamp Remix) – Two Fresh


San Diego-based Nit GriT blew up on the scene opening for Excision in March of 2010, and since then he has produced a variety of melodic dubstep songs, all of which sounding just as gnar-tastic as the next. With the support of some huge speakers and subwoofers, Nit GriT is going to throw down hard, bringing a mix of ambience and wobble unlike many others currently in the electronic music scene, so be sure to feed your inner dub-demon and check him out live!

Download : What’s Going On? (Nit GriT Remix) – Marvin Gaye


Plastic Plates is going to be a fucking groovy set.  This guy is an electronic-funk nu-disco genius.  If you like PicturePlane or Bag Raiders you’ll most definitely like this music.  Felix Bloxsom comes from Sydney, but picked up things and moved to the producers paradise, LA.  Be sure to catch Plastic Plates at Snowball, because this set is going to be awesome.

Download : Our Perfect Disease (Plastic Plates remix) – The Wombats


We personally have no idea who the secret guest is but we are pumped. Judging by how far up this guest is placed on the lineup, we have a fairly good feeling it will be somebody we like. Tell us who you think could potentially be the secret guest.

If you don’t already, pick up some tickets for what will be an unforgettable weekend. Single day tickets just went on sale and you can pick up three day admission for $160. Purchase tickets HERE.

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