For those of you who don’t know, Curis Mayfield was a pioneer of funk and R&B music who started to change the game back in the 60’s. Though he’s no longer with us his name still lives on and whether you know his music or have only heard snippets you might appreciate what we found. Today we have a rather lengthy, but fresh, beat tape from some of my favorite beat heads in the game today that is chock full of Mayfield vocals and instrumental loops twisted and screwed to their liking. A couple tracks on here I was digging are the joints from Handbook, Keith Price & MadColour, and Jewbei to name a brief few. Pragmatic Theory are the ones behind this bundle of head nodding beats we were donned with today so thank them, pack something up, and get ready for some soulful lovin. OH! And it’s free so if you’re diggin’ it show these guys some love and download it!

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