Lot of people gave Diplo heat for his track with Usher, but wheather you like it or not, it will probably be playing on all types of radio stations for the next six months.  Now, if the original wasn’t exactly your taste, here is a little dubstep treat for you provided by producer, Vaski.  Vaski is one of my favorite producers and he is always trying to reinvent himself through his music.  And on top of all this Vaski is only 21 years old; some would say he is living quite the dream being able to travel the world and play music at that age.  We recently got to see Vaski play last year and I must say it was one heavy show.  Plus I added a little something extra below, his “Sandstorm” remix is the dopest dope.  Look for Vaski in the video above…I filmed a little bit of it.

Download : Climax ft. Usher (Vaski remix) – Diplo
Download : Sandstorm (Vaski remix) – Darude

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